• Woodshop Diaries' Man Cave Couch

    We often hear from our customers that they are using our furniture feet to replace the feet on their couch. Maybe it was too low or one of the old feet broke. It is less often that we hear from one of our DIY customers that they are building a couch! We were impressed to hear Shara’s story of why she took on this DIY project and how she executed it. Shara has an amazing blog, Woodshop Diaries, and in her recent post she gives us the breakdown of how she built this couch.

    DIY-Upholstered-couch-close-up-on-nailhead-and-legsShara needed a couch to furnish a “man cave” but couldn’t get a couch down the narrow hallway and through the back bedroom door. Necessity is the mother of invention and prompted Shara to design a two piece sectional couch. While this may sound like an intimidating project, the step by step instructions in Woodshop Diaries breaks it down into manageable step. This couch has a lot of exposed wood which we love and it features some of our favorite furniture feet, the Nightstand Foot (Part # 6001). We think this tasteful foot works well with the bold look of Shara’s new couch.

    If you are thinking about giving this project a try or if you are just wanting to make a change to the look of your sofa, check out some of our furniture feet. We will even install hardware to help make installing the new feet easier for you. Just let us know what hardware you want so we can set up that service. Read the Woodshop Diaries HERE to get more information on how Shara created this cool couch.

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