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    Sometimes when you’re shopping, you see something you just have to have.  You don’t know where or how you’ll use it, you may not even know how to use it, but the connection is there.

    Our friend Carol and her husband wanted a new kitchen table, and they fell in love with Osborne’s Colonial Dining Table Legs (part #1001) as soon as they saw them.  However, they had no skill at all in furniture making.  Carol’s husband was retired from the New Caney, TX school district, so they contacted the teacher of the Building Trades class at the local highschool to ask if he and his students would like to use Osborne’s legs and build them their table.  The students weren’t sure at first, but willingly stepped up to the task!

    The students used poplar wood to make the top, and the Colonial Dining Table Legs in soft maple for the base.  The top they stained and finished to a beautiful gloss, with theau de parfume natural color variation in the wood showing through in stripes.  The legs were painted in an off white that matches Carol’s cabinets.  The Colonial style legs also have a simple, clean silhouette that lends subtle detail to the table without detracting from the gorgeous top.  The smaller width on the slender legs gives plenty of chair room under the table.

    Carol loved her table, and complimented the students who made it: “Mr. Christian and the students under his guidance provided an outstanding example of the quality of education provided by the Career and Technology Department of New Caney High School!”  And she is right- from the patterned top to Osborne’s traditional legs, the table is a stunning work of art!

    To see more colonial style legs in use, click HERE or HERE!

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