• Using Table Slides in Drop Leaf Table Construction

    Watch Tim Smith and Haden Smith outline how to determine what table extension slide is best for your table. Tim and Haden will also show some tips and tricks on how to install a set of table slides.

    Haden and Tim put together a table using one of Osborne’s Slides, Apron Kits and Legs. When using Table Slides you get so much versatility. What you have got are two tables in one, slide it together and you’ve got something small and compact for virtually for any situation. Put all your leaves in the table and you are ready for entertaining guest and extended family.  When closed the table is 3 ft but when open we have a 5 ft table, as the table open the opening is 26in allowing two 1ft leaves in the table.

    One of the most critical measurements when determining what size slide to use is the measurement between the inside of the skirts here. Measure that distance to learn how long your slide can be when the table is closed. Notice that there is a left and right side on the slides. Make sure the slides are parallel to each other and you can draw lines on the table to help with this. Once you have places the slides on the table make sure your screws are long enough to go through the slide but short enough not to go through the table top.  When you have finished installing the slide the table should be able to slide smoothly but if there is binding and resistance occurring you should go back and double check everything.

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