• TNT Custom Cabinets Featured in Osborne Catalog

    If you have not yet received our new catalog, call to request yours today!  You can also request a catalog via our website.  In the new catalog you will find 40 full-color pages, featuring the most recent additions to our product line, as well as information on a new wood type we are carrying (Lyptus®), and pictures of products in use.
    We have received some fantastic pictures of kitchen layouts, including some gorgeous pictures of kitchens done by TNT Custom Cabinets of Cleveland, GA.  Tony Greenway allowed us to come out and photograph some of the homes he has done.  The top half of page 2 in our new catalog, as well as the layout on pages 4 and 5 are all pictures of Tony’s work.  In addition to this, we have used pictures of his work in our some of our magazine ads.  TNT Custom Cabinets released the following press release to a local paper, about their presence in our catalog:

    “Leon Osborne, CEO of Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has recognized TNT Custom Cabinets in their most recent publication.  Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is a Toccoa company which distributes wood accents to high end cabinet manufacturers in all 50 states and Canada (coast to coast).  In Osborne’s fall catalog, tony Greenway’s cabinets were featured on a full page spread, as well as 1/2 of the inside cover page.  Each year Osborne recognizes a small number of prestigious cabinet makers with this honor.  Beyond catalog recognition, Osborne has featured pictures of Greenway’s cabinets in its national magazine ad campaign.  Leon Osborne has been quoted as saying, ‘We recognize Tony Greenway of TNT Cabinets as a leader in kitchen design as well as manufacturing.'”

    Here are the pictures from TNT which we used in our catalog:

    Kitchen Corbel

    Pictured above:  8005 Venice Classic Corbel, 7600 Ribbon Appliqué Right, 7601 Ribbon Appliqué Left, 7203 Large Cap Onlay, and 1422 Old World Island Leg


    Wooden Counter support

    Pictured above: 8080 Verona Classic Corbel

    Beautiful Kitchen


    Pictured above:  8005 Venice Classic Corbel, 1471 Concord Island Leg

    Thank you, Tony, for allowing us to use your handiwork in our catalog.  Your hard work and craftsmanship show through in these beautiful kitchens!

    We welcome any customer submitted photos of our products in use.  We will happily feature your pictures here on the blog, and professional quality photos may even make it into one of our catalogs!  Also, we are going to be linking pictures of products in use to the items on the website.  You can email any photos to lane.taylor (a) osbornewood . com or info (a) osbornewood . com (this is spam-proofing.  to send emails just copy, remove all the spaces, and change (a) to the @).  We would love to see your work!

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