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    For sitting around a cozy fireplace at night to keep warm.  And one of the best things about a fireplace?  The beautiful mantels!  We’ve compiled our top 5 customer submitted mantels t1o give you some ideas for yours!

    This first mantel is a very classic one, with sleek lines and designs and painted all in white.  It is supported by Osborne’s Roman Classic Island Height Corbels (part #1405), which lends gentle curves that give the mantel an elegant and refined appearance.  Against the dark floor and smoky wall, it is truly a stunning piece!

    The second mantel is for an electric wall fireplace, whic2h have become much more realistic, some even giving off the crackling fire noise!  To fit with the smaller fireplace, the mantel doesn’t reach all the way to the floor.  Instead, it floats over the fire supported by Osborne’s Milan Mission Corbels (part #8013) which give a shaker feel to the rustic mantle-place.  Simply styled, this is perfect for a more traditional feel!

    This next mantel mixes simple design with a few elaborate pieces, all painted in a dull yellow.  Osborne’s Square Acanthus Applique (part #7635) matches perfectly with the Acanthus Corbels (similar to part #892020) which are placed on each sid3e of the mantel under small overhangs.  The leaves and the color combined with the dark stone give the fireplace a uniquely Tuscan look!

    The fourth vintage looking fireplace uses the modern Solaris Fusion Leg (part #2710) with a dark finish to match the silver on the fireplace.  This mysterious mantel proves that with the right setting, any style of leg can match a room!   SONY DSC

    The last gorgeous mantel is modern and chic.  The Rope Island Legs (part 5#1729) blend with the rope moulding decorating the mantel, and are all painted a flawless ivory to match the bookcases and light marble.  This is a stylish and elegant fireplace that will stand the test of time!


    If you’re ready to get your mantel ready to be a statement piece to sit around this winter, check out our Island Legs, Corbels, or Moulding– all popular pieces to decorate a new fireplace!

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