• The Rusted Nail Creates Stunning Wood Pedestal Set

    Our customers are incredibly talented. Every photo submission we receive features unique craftsmanship, passion, and skill. Today, I’d like to feature a project from Jeffrey over at The Rusted Nail. Jeffrey and his team have an eye for detail and design, creating incredible works of art through furniture. Take a look:

    table set in front of barn pedestal table dining set

    The Rusted Nail designed this dining room set to use both \”new\” wood elements along with our customary reclaimed barn wood. We used the Sketch-up models provided to work out the design with the customer and all the construction details. We decided on the Large Traditional Pedestal (Part #1176) in Red oak for the base and mixed in the Mission Pedestal Foot in Red Oak (Part #1171). We had to modify the feet by adding 1- 1/2″ of oak to the bottom of the foot to get the table to the desired height. The chairs were completely shop made with new oak legs and reclaimed wood backs and seats. We had to do a few tests on with stains to ensure the new and the old would achieve a cohesive look. We ended up going with a darker stain on the new wood to match the natural darker tones of the reclaimed pieces. In the end we loved the piece and so did the Customer.”

    Amazing! Beautiful work Jeffrey! Thank you so much for sharing this design with us!

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