• The Portsmouth Table Leg a Favorite for Farm Style Dining Tables

    diy farm tableThe possibilities of designs and sizes of farm tables is virtually endless! From the specific dimensions, wood type, finish, and individual style, a farm dining table is as unique as the craftsman behind it. The individuality, high quality, and timeless beauty of the farm style table make it a remarkable piece that is the perfect addition to any home.

    Sonny G. knows just how to make the perfect farm style table! Sonny used four of the Osborne Portsmouth Dining Table Legs (Part #1114) to support the beautiful, natural wood top. Sonny told us that the “farm table was aged with dark walnut and finished in Provincial stain.” The finish really unifies the entire piece, accentuating the natural wood texture. Perfect!

    Country Farm TableThank you for sharing your photos with us Sonny! We absolutely love this table. I’m sure you will enjoy this table!

    Are you building a farm style or rustic design table? Take it from Sonny. Check out the Portsmouth dining table leg, Farm Style, English Country, and more to get the perfect match for your table design!

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