• The Fusion legs

    Wood and Metal coming together to make an exceptional leg

    Osborne Wood Products has designed the Fusion Legs so you can select any style you want and make It work. The Solaris leg is two wooden pieces separated by a metal element and the Electra is two wooden pieces separated by a metal element and finishing with a metal foot. These Fusion legs are available in two different heights, thirty four and a half and thirty five and a half inches. These are also offered in  eight different woodtypes and five different finishes, giving you a total of 40 possible combinations to select from.

    One thing we have kept in mind when designing this is allowing you to be able to work with any style. These will work very well with transitional, contemporary and modern. For example if you want to work in contemporary mode you might want a metal to compromise an existing hardware on your cabinet work. These Fusion legs will add just the right design and look to your home. The assembly and disassembly of these Fusion Legs is easy and simple for staining and painting purposes.


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