• The Custom Process

    Explaining the Custom Process at Osborne Wood Products

    Watch while we show you the Custom Process here at Osborne Wood Products. You can begin your process online by clicking on the Custom Quote tab. This page will ask you for dimensions, designs and vital information that is important to making your Custom product the way you want.  Once the Quote is received you will receive that quote back and once the quote is approved we begin the process.

    One of our Customer Service Reps will pass off your quote to our CAD specialist who will then design a CAD drawing that will then be emailed to you for approval. Once your approval is given we will put your item into production. The drawing will automatically download to our production computer and the operator will review the drawing and the wood before turning you custom item. Create your custom order today through our website or by calling our Customer Service Rep. We will work with you until you like what you see.

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