• Same Day Shipping

    Same Day Shipping at Osborne Wood Products

    At Osborne Wood Products we believe it’s our responsibility to offer you, our customers, reliable, on time, just in time shipping. In order to do this we have to be very efficient when we pull our orders. We are meeting over 8)% Same Day shipping to our customers right now. We have a stream line process here at Osborne Wood Products. The order imports into the system and production sees it almost automatically. From there it will be printed and pulled from our stock to be turned and sent over to shipping for inspection.

    We strive to ship every package out the same day it was order, and currently we receive 83% same day shipping and we are improving every week. The understanding that you need your products soon after they are ordered has really resonated into the culture here at Osborne. While Osborne Wood understands this need we are holding ourselves accountable with Same Day shipping reports as well as late orders that didn’t ship to see why and improve from that experience.

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