• Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Members of our community, along with the staff of Osborne Wood Products, joined together on Thursday, July 19th to celebrate another monumental step forward for our company. At 10:00am a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the newest building of Osborne Wood Products. This new warehouse is particularly important, as it represents not only greater efficiency and product quality, but growth despite difficult economic times.

    Marketing Director- Christian Smedberg, CEO- Leon Osborne, and Mr. Tim Martin- Executive Director of the Stephens County Development Authority
    CEO, Leon Osborne, with management team at ribbon cutting

    This new warehouse will serve in several capacities. First, it will allow Osborne Wood Products to better hand-inspect every product shipped to the company from suppliers. This improves not only the efficiency of the company, but the products for our customers as well.

    The warehouse will also house added manufacturing capabilities, giving the company the opportunity to expand its product line and provide more products to meet a wider variety of customer needs.

    Osborne Wood Products is excited about this new building, and the many capabilities that have been added to the company in the process. We would like to extend our appreciation to those who celebrated this accomplishment with us, as well as our customers who have assisted in making Osborne Wood Products the company it is today.

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