• Revamp Your Couch With Custom Osborne Feet!

    Couch with Custom Sofa Feet

    Our friend Lem sent us a picture of his most recent project! The feet on his sofa were custom made to make his couch stand out! The feet on his couch were created with the help of our customer service department and our drafting department.

    Lem entrusted us here at Osborne to help him in creating the new feet to go on his new sofa. “I just bought a new sofa and the bun feet had wheels that would have destroyed my newly finished wooden floors. I sent in some image and basic dimensions and within no time at all, I received them in the mail.” It seems like Lem is very happy with his newly redone sofa!

    Want to see about creating a custom foot for your own sofa? Send us a Custom Quote Request today! Not only is it a way to get your dream products, it is also quick and easy. Send us a request and you’ll have a response within approximately 24 hours! Just ask Lem. “Amazing customer service and final product. If only everyone I had to deal with were like Osborne Wood.”

    Want to go with one of our standard items for your sofa? Check out our wide selection of furniture feet HERE.

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