• Reclaiming the Past

    Part of what makes beautiful, unique pieces is the personal stories behind them.  And one great way to make the story is by using reclaimed objects to make the furniture with.Before...

    Our friend Kenneth did just this with reclaimed wood floorboards he pulled up during a renovation in his home.  He turned them into a gorgeous farm style table for his dining room, ensuring that none of the legacy of his house was lost!  He knew he needed special legs to compliment the reclaimed top, and went straight to Osborne Wood Product’s website.  Kenneth said “Love your products.  We wanted a farmhouse style leg and found exactly what we need on your site!”

    And what they found was Osborne’s Husky Farm Dining Table Leg (part #1121), a 29″ x 3.5″ leg with a simple and well recognized silhouette.  The colonial legs were painted a glossy black, allowing the traditional style to subtly compliment the paneled wood top without detracting from itsBefore... (2) history.  The gentle curves make the leg seem  much delicate than they are; with their 3.5″ width these legs are sturdy enough to hold heavy tops with ease!

    Thank you for sharing Kenneth- reclaimed furniture is always a special story to share!  If you want to see the legs used up close, click HERE!  If you want to see another story of a reclaimed furniture piece, click HERE!

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