• Reclaimed House Siding makes Fascinating Table

    In this green-conscious era, we are all conscious of certain key buzzwords such as “recycle,” “reuse,” “earth-friendly,” and “eco-friendly.”House Siding use Demand for earth-friendly products led to our new option of FSC certified cherry and hard maple, and earth-friendly packaging machines have been installed in our Shipping Department.

    DIY Repurposed TablePrevious customers highlighted in this blog have told their stories of “dumpster-diving” for local slate or finally finding a use for the piece of red oak they’ve been holding on to for years. This week, we received yet another fascinating story of wood furniture made from recycled items.

    Steve Swygert of Lexington, South Carolina, ordered eight of our Square Dining Table Legs (2290002500) in knotty pine to build two kitchen side tables at his wife’s request. Steve had recently claimed six pieces of heart pine siding from a local house (circa 1850) which was being demolished, and he knew the Square Dining Table Legs would be the perfect match! He connected the boards using wooden dowels and wood glue and then connected the legs using our 4 x 5/16 hanger bolts with nuts and washers (930HW). Cleverly, Steve stained the new pine lumber used for the top rails and legs so they would resemble the 160-year-old tabletops. The beautiful finished product can be seen below. Thank you, Steve, for the beautiful pictures!


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