• Printable Instructions: Installing Equalizer Table Slides

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    When extending a fixed base table a set of Equalizer Table Slides is used. Equalizer table slides are sold in a pair and include gears. Equalizer slides are built with a chamber to compensate for sagging in the ends of the table, associated with pulling the table top further away from the stationary legs or support base. With Osborne Table Slides, you don’t have to worry about structure. Your slides are solid, high quality, and built to last!

    Osborne Standard Table slides come in a variety of sizes to best fit your fixed based table design.

    Do you plan on purchasing a set of Equalizer Table Slides from Osborne Wood Products? Or have your purchased a pair of these slides and want to get a head start on learning exactly how they work?
    Click Here to open your printable copy of the Installing Equalizer Slides Instructions.

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