• Paul Tran Vlog Features Osborne Legs

    Paul Tran VlogHave you ever wanted a step by step video of the fan favorite balustrade coffee table? Our friend Paul created a beautiful version of this table and documented every step for an awesome DIY tutorial! You can check out his tutorial on YouTube HERE.

    Paul decided to order one of our favorite legs, the Traditional Coffee Table Leg, to make his beautiful new coffee table. This is a table that we feature fairly often on our blog, but we don’t mind! There’s so many different takes on this table and we love every single one of them because they are unique and fabulous in their own ways!

    Paul Tran Coffee TableYou can make one of these tables on your own by following Paul’s instructions, or even going your own route. We’ve shared quite a few takes with you all so you can choose your favorite and send us some pictures of your new table as well! We wouldn’t mind sharing even more!

    To get started on your new balustrade coffee table, check out our Traditional Coffee Table Leg (Part # 1332). Want to make a coffee table, but don’t want this design? Check out our wide selection of Coffee Table Legs to get started on yours today!

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