• Osborne Wood Products welcomes Piedmont College Business Class

    osborne back jordan austin cole carson rhett Leon front pablo marcus gra...Last week Osborne Wood Products welcomed Piedmont College’s business class to our facility to offer any in-depth look at how we work. We worked with their instructor, Sandra Maughon, our founder Leon Osborne and our Interim Marketing Assistant Megan Monge to give the class a full view of how we operate. Sandra shared with us that her class was studying business management but most of her class hadn’t had exposure to a manufacturing facility. She believed showing her students how we operate would give them a better perspective on how each department works together and the impact that can have on management.

    The class got a full tour of our customer service team, our marketing department, our production floor and our IMG_6747shipping team. Our intention was to give the class a well-rounded experience of the different departments in a company and how they work together. Sandra shared that after the tour the class had noted that Osborne Wood Products incorporates a model similar to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There are several concepts in that book that align with our values as a company.

    After the tour, Leon sharing our business model with the class. Leon started Osborne Wood Products in his garage in 1987 with his wife, Janice. His leadership had helped us grow from a garage to an international supplier. Leon shared with the students some of the values that he believes has created his success. Leon has used lean management to cut down on waste. He has a long-standing history of putting people first. He believes in paying vendors as soon as we have the product and treating our business partners fairly. Leon also believes in the importance of taking care of his employees. One way we do that is to offer the best healthcare package for a company our size in the area as well as a full-size employee gym.

    osborn l-r grace cordell tristan pablo austin leon cole rhett megan marc...Osborne Wood Products is focused on continuous improvement. We want to empower our customers to create  amazing creations using our quality products. We are also passionate about partnering with others and we seek opportunities to strengthen others. We were delighted to have this opportunity to invest in Piedmont College’s business class and wish them the best!

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