• Osborne Wood Products participates in CPR/First Aid Training

    CPR TrainingToccoa, GA – Education and preparedness can make all the difference in a life or death situation. In an effort to maintain a safe work environment for all employees, Osborne Wood Products offers an annual CPR/AED and First Aid training course. All managers, as well as staff members attend this course to learn life saving techniques to aid in time of emergency.

    On Friday, February 13th, Osborne employees took part in this year’s training course. Among those in attendance were all managers at Osborne Wood Products, as well as staff who had never taken the course, or who wished to participate as a refresher, in order to stay up to date with lifesaving information. The course took place at the Employee Fitness Center on the Osborne Wood Products campus. During this event employees took part in first aid information and training, as well as hands on CPR and AED courses. This event allowed all attendees to earn a first aid certificate in addition to obtaining valuable lifesaving information.

    Cindy Patrick, Lead Customer Service Representative, expressed her appreciation for this course. “It’s great to know how to save a life just in case the need ever does arise. Though we all hope the AED never needs to be used, we can come to work each day confident that our team can come to aid in times of emergency.”

    First Aid TrainingHelen Tolman, Customer Service Representative, added “I was amazed at how easy it is to use the AED device! There is even a recording to guide you through the steps and help you keep focused on what to do next, which is such a great idea for anyone under the stress of reviving someone!” Helen also mentioned that her favorite part of the day was the hands on training. “My favorite part of the class was when we got to practice CPR on some plastic dummies.” This training allowed staff to put into practice what they had just learned, and to gain confidence in their ability to act in an emergency.

    Osborne Wood Products is a manufacturer and distributor of wood furniture and cabinetry components. Located in Toccoa, GA, Osborne Wood Products serves customers throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally.

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