• Osborne Island Legs Support Customer's Trade Show Booth!

    Unique Island LegKitchen island legs are a popular product here at Osborne. We see them beautifully gracing kitchen cabinetry, delicately adding detail to islands, and….supporting trade show booths! Ed R. of Libeco in New York sent us a photo of our St. Simons Island Posts doing what they do best- adding structural support while looking amazing!

    Ed ordered six of the St. Simons Island Posts (Part # 1458) in soft maple- one of our paint grades with excellent finishing properties. He also had the 2 x 5/15″ hang bolt (Part #925HW)  installed to a top plate that he sent to us. The top plate was a heavy duty plate to add extra support for the project. Osborne was excited to do this custom service for Ed, and the items shipped out right away.

    The result: a beautiful trade show booth. Thank you for sharing your project with us Ed. And thank you for choosing Osborne to help make this booth happen!

    Are you looking for something to add structure and detail to your next project? Be sure to take a look at the variety of sizes and styles of kitchen island legs at Osborne Wood Products. With our wide variety of styles, sizes, and wood types, the perfect addition to your design is just a click away.

    Do you need custom work done to the island legs as well? Whether you are installing a plate, making a custom cut, notching, or something else, contact our friendly customer service representatives and get your items priced out today! 1-800-849-8876.

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