• Osborne Equalizer Slides - Black Walnut Pedestal Table

    One of my absolute favorite types of tables is the Pedestal Table. Supported by a detailed center and four feet unique to the table, these beautiful pieces add a classic design to a dining or living space. Using just the rightequalizer slides, these round tables can expand to a large, oval surface perfect for family dinners and entertaining.

    Black Walnut TablePedestal Table

    Today, we take a look at one such table. Guy D. of Indiana ordered a set of 26” equalizer slides with a 25 ½” opening (Osborne Part #9050M) to essentially double the size of his beautiful Black Walnut table. This slide, suited for fixed based tables is 50” when fully extended and accommodates up to two 12” leaves.

    These slides are also constructed with a camber to prevent the table from sagging.

    Amazing work, Guy! Thank you for sharing!

    If you would like to check out some of Guy’s instructional videos, you can find him on YouTube, or by clicking here.

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