• Northland Woodworks Showroom Features Osborne Components

    Cabinetry DesignNorthland Woodworks, quality custom cabinetry in Blaine Minnesota,  recently added a new addition to their beautiful show room. The showroom piece, featuring Osborne Island Posts, displays a kitchen island and cook top. Northland Woodworks chose the Osborne Wilmington Island Post (Part #1743) in Soft Maple to complete this display design.

    The new display features stunning white cabinetry. It is here that you will find the Wilmington Island Posts delicately attached to the cabinet design. The island legs emphasize the grace and dimension of the piece, providing simple character and elegance. As you can see, the legs were finished to perfectly match the cabinetry, giving the final project a cohesive look. Beautiful work!

    Northland Woodworks Kitchen IslandNext, we see the kitchen island, featuring a beautiful natural wood top. The island is finished in a slightly darker shade, allowing for a subtle contrast. The Wilmington Island Posts are also found here, supporting the natural wood top of this beautiful piece. The outward facing portion of the island allows for seating that could easily accommodate family and friends.

    Beautiful work! Thank you so much, Northland Woodworks, for allowing us to be a part of your showroom design!

    Do you dream of a stunning kitchen design like this one in your home? Would the Wilmington posts look right at home in your kitchen? Be sure to check out all of the amazing designs offered by Northland Woodworks. You can find them online and on Facebook for more stunning and inspiration designs!

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