• Mid-Century Modern Custom Billiards Table

    Our friends over at A.E. Schmidt Billiards created a gorgeous look that many will love! It’s not often that we see billiards tables come up in our custom orders, but this table ended up gorgeous. The legs on this table were custom made to support the weight of the massive table on top and we just love the look of it! Mid-Century Modern is becoming widely popular and is definitely something to look out for in the near future. Especially this billiards table!Custom Billiards Table Legs

    Kurt sent us this design a while back and I must say, he had something going for him. This billiards table design was featured in their trade show display and according to Kurt, “it was quite a hit!” Many more legs are coming out of our facility to fit these tables and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Just look at how gorgeous these are.

    Interested in one of these tables? Give our friends over at A.E. Schmidt Billiards a visit and see what they can do for you! Want to create a look of your own like they did? Check out our Custom Quote page so that we can get started on creating your dream products as well!

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