• Mantel Remodel using Osborne Island Height Corbels

    Island Height CorbelsIn the heat of summer it is very easy to put aside all thoughts of the mantel. No fire will burn in the fireplace for months as the air conditioner continues to offer comfort throughout the season. But what a perfect time for a remodel! Here’s an idea from Patrick S. of Maine, who has a beautiful new mantel that he can enjoy all year long!

    Patrick chose to use Osborne Kitchen Island Height Corbels to decorate the sides of his mantel piece. The design is absolutely flawless, as two of the Osborne Roman Island Height Corbels with Acanthus Leaves (Part #1406) take their spot in the space. Patrick chose soft maple as the wood type for the corbels, offering him the ideal painting surface. Now the mantel adds a glow throughout the year, even without a flame. Amazing work Patrick. Thank you so much for sharing the photo with us!

    Thinking of updating your mantel piece? Whether you are looking for a simple splash of color or the natural wood texture combined with hand carving, Osborne has just what you need to bring new life to the mantel piece. From large corbels (like Patrick’s), to moldings, carvings, and more, Osborne has a variety of options to add just the right detail to the mantel. Be sure to check out all the options today!

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