• Lancaster Shaker Brackets featured on Martha Stewart Website

    Laundry Open Shelving Featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine

    Image Source: Martha Stewart Living Magazine

    If you’ve been on MarthaStewart.com recently and checked out some of the latest articles you may have noticed some Osborne Wood Products brackets featured in application. In the recent piece, “5 Genius Approaches to Shelving (Plus 2 Tips to Keep Them Secure), the Lancaster Shaker Bracket (Part #8734) makes its debut.

    Finished in a fresh coat of blue, the shaker brackets fit flawlessly into the space. These stunning open shelves are perfect for virtually any laundry space in need of a fresh new look. In fact, this piece describes how achieving a custom look in your home is simple, and that it can be done for a fraction of the cost!

    To view the full article, as well as 4 other shelving designs, be sure to visit MarthaStewart.com (or click HERE).

    Don’t forget to pick up your own open shelving corbels! Whether you’re in love with the Lancaster Shaker style or looking for something a little different, Osborne offers a wide variety of wood corbels to meet your design specifications. Browse our full collection of corbels and brackets today!

    *Photo credit: http://www.marthastewart.com/1125731/open-house-5-neat-approaches-shelving-plus-2-tips-keep-them-secure#1121302

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