• Kitchen Island Renovation

    Kitchens are an instrumental part of the home and family life.  It is where we gather, eat, talk about our day, work on homework, play games, and have friends over!  Birthdays and holiday meals happen here; and often some of our best and worst news is shared in the kitchens walls.  With such an important room, it’s important to have a space that is inviting and you enjoy being in!Untitled design (20)

    Osborne helped our friend Mary with just that as she did her recent kitchen renovation.  She needed new island legs to support her overhang.  After browsing our website, she knew Osborne’s Tybee Island Leg (part #1759 or part #1459) would be perfect!  Named after the historic Tybee Island, the legs gentle curves and steepled top are reminiscent of the old lighthouse.  The traditional design makes this leg easy to match to any room style, and the wide top blocks are sturdy enough to support the heavy overhang of the counter.  The somewhat colonial style of the legs also blends particularly well with the wood paneling in the kitchen!

    Of her experience with Osborne Wood Products, Mary  said “Really happy with the quality of your product!”.

    If you are ready to look at some new island legs for the most important room in your house, check out our 34.5″ Legs, 35.5″ Legs, or 40.5″ Legs today!

    Untitled design (19)


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