• Kitchen Island Features Osborne Legs

    Our friend Bruce sent2 Kitchen work table over some pictures of his beautiful new kitchen island that he created using our Massive Concord Island Posts. This island matches the rest of his kitchen perfectly. The pale blue base and white quartz top fit in seamlessly with his white cabinets and light grey counter tops.
    We think that this island turned out absolutely beautifully and we hope you think so too! We hope to see more projects like this from Bruce in the future because he did an outstanding job.

    Bruce made this outstanding island by using soft maple legs and a gorgeous Carrara Greigo quartz counter top. He seems to be very happy with his new project and wanted to share it with us and all of our customers. “I couldn’t be more satisfied with your quality product and prompt service.”

    Want to create an island like this of your own? Check out our Massive Concord Island Post (Part # 1473) now to start making your perfect island. Is the massive version too large for what you were planning to do? Check out the other Concord Island Posts such as the Husky Concord Island Post (Part # 1472) or the Narrow Concord Island Post (Part # 1470).

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