• How to Choose the Perfect Table Leg

    When picking out the perfect table legs there are two major questions to be answered. First, what style of leg will match my design? Secondly, once I have chosen a leg style, how wide does the leg need to be? At Osborne Wood Products, we offer a wide variety of sizes, wood types, and styles. At first glance, the selection may feel overwhelming, but with this helpful advice you can pick out the perfect leg to accent your new table!

    The first important factor in choosing the perfect table leg is picking out the style. The style is important because not only does it match the table top, but it complements the room the table is placed in as well. Here are some style suggestions to help you pick out the perfect fit:

    For a modern, contemporary, or craftsman appeal check out our Tapered Style Legs. Available for DiningCoffee, and End tables the tapered style adds a beautiful element to your table design without over exaggerating itself. Tapered legs come in four- and two-sided taper options. Several different widths are also available.

    Shaker Style LegsDIY End TablePicking table legs
    Need to add a little detail to that tapered look? Try our Tapered Mission Style Legs. These beautiful hand carved legs add a touch of elegant design to the simple style without over doing it.

    picking dining table legsMission Coffee Table Legs

    If you are looking for a rustic leg to accent a country theme, check out our Farm Dining Table Legs. These simple round turned legs give a ‘down home country’ feel to your design. The straight design shows off the strength of the leg.

    Unfinished farm legRustic Farm

    Also, make sure to take a look at the Massive Farm Dining Table Leg. A larger version of the farm leg, this leg accentuates the country feel. This style is also perfect for butcher block tables, and other designs that require a bit of a bulky look.

    Wood Farm table legWood Legs for Butcher Block

    Looking to add a bit of elegance to the country theme? Check out the Portsmouth and Colonial style legs. The Portsmouth leg remains straight and strong, much like the Farm style. However, a softer turning is added below the top block for a unique look.

    Ornate Wood LegDIY Ornate Table

    The Colonial leg features a more curved look to transform a country space in to an elegant dining area.

    Wood Table LegContemporary Table

    Are you looking for a more ornate style? The English Country leg is another simple, yet elegant style. This versatile leg is compatible with a number of designs and styles.

    Wooden LegDining Table with Matching Bench

    The Heritage style leg has a bit of country charm that dates back to the 1500s. The bottom block of the leg can also be used to attach a rail.

    Table Leg for a RailUnique Shelving Ideas

    Need a unique style leg for your table design? Why not choose a Reeded, Old World, or Rope style leg. The Reeded leg adds texture to the table, accented by small turnings.

    Wood Dining Table LegWooden legs for Islands

    The Old World style adds a reeded texture with triple banding for a more formal leg design.

    Old World wood dining table legWooden Bench

    The Rope style leg offers a sturdy spiral from the base of the table to the floor; perfect for large tables.

    Rope Style Legmassive table leg

    For a more elegant style be sure to see our Cabriole Legs. These curved legs add just the right touch to your table. The simple elegance of this leg allows it to grace any room beautifully.

    Unique Table LegAntique Table

    Finally, let us show you our carved dining table legs for a fancy, sophisticated look. Check out the Acanthus Leaf Country leg. This beautiful, hand carved leg features a simple turned design, accented by leaf carvings. This leg will fit wonderfully in a timeless, elegant space.

    Hard CarvedDetailed Table

    Can’t find a leg to fit your design perfectly? No problem! Osborne Wood Products offers custom turned legs as well. Simply fill out the Quote Request Form on our webpage and our drafting department will assist you with your table design.

    Once you have found the style leg to match your table design, it is time to choose a size. For a standard 6- 7 foot dining table (Seating approximately 6 people) any width of legs offered should do the trick. (Typically 2 ¾” to 3” width is sufficient support for a standard dining table).  All of our legs are designed to be load bearing. However, keep in mind that the legs are only half of the equation. An excellent quality table skirt will distribute the support of the legs across your table for maximum support. Be sure to check out our customer Table Base Kits for your next dining room table!

    Table leg sizeTable leg dimension

    Another important factor to keep in my when choosing a leg size is the bigger the legs the less seating space is available. However, the greater the width the more support the leg is able to offer. If your table is larger than a standard dining table, stretching to 8 to 10 feet you will want to choose a leg greater than 2 ½” in width.

    But what about the thickness for the table top?
    Typically, the thicker the top, the more support needed to hold the weight. For a thickness greater than 1 ½” you can choose a leg ½” greater than that needed to support the table dimensions (mentioned above).

    What if my table top is granite? How do I support that?
    First, you will need more than just legs. As mentioned before, half the equation is a good quality skirt. An excellent skirt, combined with stable legs, is best for granite support. Square bottoms on the legs also add stability to better support granite. Our Square Legs, Taper Legs, or Mission Legs, would be excellent picks for granite table tops.

    diy dining table legSquare Table legWooden dining table leg

    But what if I don’t have a table top yet?
    Osborne Wood Products offers a variety of table tops as well as custom table tops! Contact our customer service department by calling 1-800-849-8876 for a custom quote and assistance with choosing the perfect table legs for your custom table!

    Now that you have an idea of how much support is needed, we can take a look at what will perfect the “look” of the table. First, examine the space where your table will be located. Is it a big, wide open space? Or is the space smaller or cramped? For a large space choosing a wider leg creates a fuller look for the table. If a small width is chosen and put in a big space, the leg will appear to be a little spindle, tall, or lanky. Going a size up from the support amount needed can create a fuller look for your table by filling more of the open space. For small, cramped spaces, a smaller width should be chosen. In a small space the width of the leg is maximized by the eye, causing wider widths to appear more bulky than usual.
    (The image below left features 5″ wide legs, while the image on the right shows off the 3 1/2″ Cabriole Leg)

    beautiful dining room Queen Anne Style Leg

    With this advice, you are well on your way to a brand new dining room table. At Osborne, we can provide legs, skirting kits, and even table tops to make the design just what you are looking for! For additional questions, to place an order, or for custom quotes, contact our friendly customer service department at 1-800-849-8876.



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