• DIY Appreciation
  • DIY Appreciation

    You may think we only sell to contractors and builders, but you'd be wrong.  Many of our favorite customer projects are made by individuals doing DIY!  Time and time again, they surprise us... [more]

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  • 'Tis the Season...

    'Tis the Season...

    For sitting around a cozy fireplace at night to keep warm.  And one of the best things about a fireplace?  The beautiful mantels!  We've compiled our top 5 customer submitted mantels to give you some... [more]

  • House of Wood Hallway Table

    House of Wood Hallway Table

    There are dozens of free and easily customizable DIY furniture builds online; and many of them on our blog too!  Our friend Tom followed a tutorial from one of our blogger partners to make his first... [more]

  • A Vintage Wren

    A Vintage Wren

    In a world full of large corporations and products manufactured by the thousands, there is a special feeling that comes with a handmade item, customized by you for your home.  Businesses that can do... [more]

  • From a House to a Home

    From a House to a Home

    Osborne Wood Products is proud to be a company in the business of turning houses into homes.  Our work is usually seen internally; redesigned kitchens, customized tables, new legs for family... [more]

  • Kitchen Island Renovation

    Kitchen Island Renovation

    Kitchens are an instrumental part of the home and family life.  It is where we gather, eat, talk about our day, work on homework, play games, and have friends over!  Birthdays and holiday meals... [more]

  • Osborne Feet Head to College

    Osborne Feet Head to College

    Osborne Wood Products is adamant about helping where we can in education. In both highschool and college, and both in and outside of our Toccoa community.  We recently had the opportunity to send... [more]

  • Pedestal For the Patio

    Pedestal For the Patio

    Finding the perfect table to complement a space you've put a lot of work into remodeling is never easy.  Add in something that fits your style and vision, and is unique?  You may as well throw in the... [more]

  • Skirt Set Makes Stunning Table!

    Skirt Set Makes Stunning Table!

    Building something with your own two hands is incredibly satisfying, no matter what your skill level is.  Osborne Wood Products offers custom table skirt sets, which are easy to assemble and come... [more]

  • Mission Styled Renovation

    Mission Styled Renovation

    Osborne's Mission styled products are some of our most popular, for their streamlined yet colonial feel.  Mission furniture has been around since the late 19th century when the Arts&Crafts... [more]

  • Erin Thompson Promoted to Osborne Marketing Associate

    Erin Thompson Promoted to Osborne Marketing Associate

    Erin Thompson—Osborne’s New Marketing Associate Erin Thompson, 23, started her position at Osborne Wood Products in January 2018. When Erin first began at Osborne, she had just graduated from... [more]

  • Reclaiming the Past

    Reclaiming the Past

    Part of what makes beautiful, unique pieces is the personal stories behind them.  And one great way to make the story is by using reclaimed objects to make the furniture with. Our friend Kenneth... [more]

  • Osborne Celebrates Summer Intern's Progress

    Osborne Celebrates Summer Intern's Progress

    Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and with it comes the beginning of fall and school.  With the start of school comes saying ‘goodbye’ to our summer marketing intern, Nicholas Englert, who is... [more]

  • Hairpin Spool Table

    Hairpin Spool Table

    Everyone is after one-of-a-kind pieces now days; after all, what better way is there to show your own personal style and personality in your home?  And one of the best ways to get these unique pieces... [more]

  • Build a Bench

    Build a Bench

    Benches are VERY popular right now, and getting more fashionable all the time!  People are loving modern takes on the traditional seating option, and looking for new ones all the time.  If you want a... [more]

  • Shaker Style Island Re-purpose

    Shaker Style Island Re-purpose

    Starting something for the first time is never easy; it usually takes a couple of practice runs to be able to do something well.  But this wasn't the case for our friend Scot.  His proud wife, Jill,... [more]