• Getting the Most out of your Custom Engraving

    At Osborne Wood Products, we have recently released a new customizable line: Cutting boards and Cheese boards. These beautiful hard maple pieces make fantastic gifts for friends, family, and yourself. For a small engraving fee, Osborne is able to custom laser engrave a design of your choosing on the board. The possibilities are virtually endless! With such a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, we’d like to give you some advice to guide you in your engraving art decision so that your custom cutting or cheese board looks the best it could possibly be!

    A Little Bit About Engraving:

    A laser engraver will create your image or design by burning into the wood. The engraver works in two colors: black (burning) and white (no burning). The laser will run over the wood and engrave slightly into the wood anywhere there is black. The white will remain untouched giving the board a raised and untouched surface. The results of the contrast, when a great design is chosen, are astounding.

    Choosing the Right Design:

    Keeping in mind that the laser engraver “thinks” in black and white, here are some basic tips for choosing the right design for your engraving:

    • Text: Text is a great way to engrave and personalize a cutting board. Be sure to give the name of your font when placing your custom order.
    • Clip Art: Clip Art is another great option. Choose black and white clip art so that you will know just what your image will look like when it’s engraved.
    • Shapes: Shapes can be a fun and unique way to express your creativity. Use shapes to create custom designs and dimension for your piece.
    • Logos: Logos that are easily transferable to black and white are also perfect for engraving
    • Family Crests: Find a black and white file of your family crest and you have a perfect engraving design!

    Note: Avoid using photographs for engraving designs. Photographs are made up of pixels (dots) of various colors. Though you are able to “gray scale” a photo, keep in mind that engraving is not in shades of black and gray, but black only. This means that anywhere there is ANY color on your photograph the engraver will read this as black. Because of this, photographs do not engrave well.

    Preparing your design:

    For custom engraving, our equipment allows for a 3″ x 5″ (or 5″ x 3″) space. Sketch out your drawing on an index card! This will give you a great visual of how large the design will be. You can send us your combination of any of the above ideas. The best formats to send files are as a .jpg, .giff, or .tiff. You can also send your design ideas in a MS Word file.


    Are you ready to see some examples of engraving that have worked very well? First, let’s take a look at a large cutting board. This piece was engraved using font: Edwardian Script at 100pt. The puppy print is a black and white clip art piece. The text and design are engraved and then outlined. As you can see, this piece came together perfectly and the engraving is stunning.

    Custom Cutting Board Solid Wood Cutting Board

    Now, take a look at the file that was designed to give us this engraved image (and a close up of the final engraving):

    Engraving TextFinished Engraving

    Next, let’s take a look at a cheese board that has been engraved using two font types: Edwardian Script & Tahoma, as well as shapes (Engraved and outlined):

    Cheese Board Custom Gift Ideas

    And now for the close up. Check out the file before and after engraving:

    TaylorBoardLaser Engraving

    How to Order:

    When the design is perfected and you’re ready to proceed with a custom engraved board, here is how to place the order:
    Call Customer Service at 1-800-849-8876. Tell them the size of board (Part # 92001 or Part #92002). Let them know you would like to custom engrave your board. You will be given an email address to send your design to. Once the design is received you will be asked to approve of the image just before engraving. From there, the board is engraved, wrapped, and sent right to your door. These beautiful cutting boards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, or host/hostess gifts. Order a customized cutting board today!

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