• Fusion Leg Assembly

    Tim shows us how to assemble and dissemble the Fusion Legs

    When ordering a Fusion Leg you will receive the item assembled but we highly recommend disassembling the leg before painting or staining in order to protect the metal insert. When disassembling the Solaris Fusion leg take 9/16 socket wrench and loosen the nut on top of the leg by turning it counter clockwise. Next you can remove the upper wood piece followed by the metal component. The Metal Rod will also unscrew out of the leg. To reassemble this leg you will place the rod back into the bottom half of the leg. Then place the metal piece back on the rod followed by the square top. Now secure the leg by placing the washer and nut on the rod and tighten this with the 9/16 socket wrench clockwise.
    To Disassemble the Electra Leg take a 9/16 socket wrench and remove the nut by turning it counterclockwise. With the nut and washer removed you can slide the upper square block off the metal rod, followed by the center metal element as well as the lower wood piece. Then you careful unscrew the metal rod from the metal foot. There will be seven pieces once the leg is disassembled. When reassembling the leg screw the rod back into the metal foot and place the lower wood piece onto the rod and fit it into the metal foot. Now place the center metal element and then place the top square into the center metal element. Make sure the grain is aligned on the upper and lower wood pieces. Secure the leg with the washer and nut and tighten it with the 9/16 socket wrench.

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