• French Styled Kitchen Island

    Many people like the idea of ornate table skirting and bases, but it can be hard to make and expensive to buy.  An easy way to bypass it?  Adding appliques and onlays to the legs and skirting to decorate as if it were carved.  One of our blogger partners did just this when making her new kitchen island last year.Untitled design (21)

    Amy with Maison de Mings was working on a kitchen renovation in the french country style when she came across some of our legs and new they would be perfect.  But though the Traditional Fluted Dining Table Legs (part #1112) have elegant turns and fluting decorations, she had a very specific design in mind and wanted a bit more to it.  She chose the Petite Acanthus Leaf Corbels (part #892020) for it’s small size and delicate scroll and leaf carvings.  To give the dining table legs the height an island traditionally has, she set them on a bottom shelf which also provided more storage space as well as style.  She then added two of the corbels to each top block.  The skirt itself she kept simple with a square profile to not draw away from the ornate legs.  To finish up the french styled island she did a chestnut finish and lined the top with marble tiles.

    To see a Amy’s full tutorial on the kitchen island, click HERE!

    To see more of Osborne’s decorative appliques, click HERE!


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