• French Colonial Inspired Vanity Design

    When considering a home make-over what rooms do you consider first? The kitchen? Dining room? Living Space? Bedrooms? Or how about the bathrooms? With the right inspiration your bathroom, whether large or small, can add both style and value to your home. The over arching styles and themes used in other rooms of the house can easily transfer to the space, allowing for a full cohesive look throughout the entire home. And with Osborne, adding just the right components to spruce up the bathroom is easy! Whether you are looking for little details to bring the full design together, or gutting the room and starting from scratch, check out the quality wood components at Osborne for all your remodeling needs!

    Let’s take a look at a bathroom make-over by Sean Gallagher Design. Sean had two bathrooms to work with to add a French Colonial flair. As you can see, the results are both beautiful and timeless. Amazing work!

    VanityBathroom Vanity Design

    Sean used the Wilmington style leg from Osborne to add just the right amount of detailing to the bathroom vanities. The powder room vanity (above left) features the Massive Wilmington Post (Part #1409). The guest suite bathroom (above right) uses the smaller version of the Wilmington Island Post (Part #1408) in a 3 1/2″ width. The cohesive design of the two bathrooms truly adds to the Colonial look at feel of the home.

    Wonderful work and photos, Sean. Thank you for allowing Osborne to be a part of this project!

    See more projects by Sean Gallagher Designs on their Facebook Page by clicking HERE.

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