• Farm House Style Table Using Osborne Table Legs

    DIY Farm TableI just love to see the variety of styles and designs used in the creation of Farm Style Dining Tables. The farm style table is such a beautiful, welcoming piece that graces the dining area. The country style legs used on each individual table give the design a unique dimension and personality. From our English Country, to Farm Dining, to Portsmouth, the possibilities for creating a magnificent farm dining experience are endless.

    Let’s take a look at a great example of a farm table submitted by Gretchen G. Gretchen’s son created this beautiful table for her by using four of Osborne’s Portsmouth Dining Table Legs (Part #1114). The dark finished legs added a wonderful touch to the farm style table design. Thank you for sharing your photos with us Gretchen. Enjoy your beautiful farm table!

    Check out more on Gretchen’s table, as well as her other projects on her Blog.

    Rustic DIY Dining TableAre you looking to add a farm style or rustic piece to your dining area? Search no further! Osborne offers a variety of country style dining table legs to choose from. Be sure to take a look at our Farm Style, Husky Farm, Portsmouth, Colonial, English Country, and More!

    Looking for an unfinished, ready to assemble farm table? Check out our full table kits! You’ll find a variety of country and farm style tables available. Build your table today!

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