• Farm Dining Table a Perfect addition to Kitchen Dining Space

    DIY Farm TableFarm Table. Close your eyes for just a moment and think about those two words. What comes to mind when you think of a farm table? Do you see a long table with a bench for seating, or a smaller square table for an intimate family setting? Is the table glazed for a natural finish, painted, stained, or a combination of finishes?

    I’m sure that everyone answers that question a little bit differently. And that is the beauty of the farm table! The style is so quaint, yet so very unique. A farm table can easily be customized to match your individual style and personality. Great right?

    Jacquelyn D. recently shared a photo of her dream farm table with us. The table is a beautiful work of craftsmanship featuring four of the Osborne Portsmouth Dining Table Legs (Part #1114) in knotty pine. The legs were then painted white (along with the table skirting) to match the chairs and cabinetry of the room. The top is made of 4 durable boards with a dark natural stain finish. The contrast of the legs and top really set the table apart. It is absolutely perfect.

    In addition to the great look and perfect size, the construction of the table cost less than $250! That’s amazing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your photo with us Jacquelyn. I’m sure you will enjoy this table for years to come!

    Did a table like Jacquelyn’s come to mind at the thought of a farm table? Regardless of the size, finish, or style of your dream farm table– Osborne has just what you need to make your dreams a reality. Check out our wide selection of country, rustic, and farm style dining table legs to find the perfect fit today!

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