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    Sometimes a new product comes along that is so different that you just have to do a double take the first time you see it. Well, Osborne is proud to introduce a furniture leg that is so stunning we think it is worthy of a triple-take! Introducing our new acrylic legs, with a fusion of natural wood and strong, clear acrylic for a totally unique look in furniture décor.

    Lift top wild cherry side table with acrylic legs

    At first glance of this amazing little table, you realize that you must be missing something because the table you see appears to be floating in the air. . . . and when you look again, you see that the table is supported by almost invisible support legs . . . and the whole effect is so beautiful that you have to look a third time to take in the gleaming acrylic, the beautiful lines of the legs, and the seamless transitions from the hardwood tops to the acrylic turnings.

    acrylic cherry legs

    We knew that our customers would fall in love with these exciting legs, so we asked a talented woodworker and blogger to create a table worthy of introducing this unique style. You will agree that the side table he fabricated with these amazing legs is a real head-turner. You can read the blog written by Do It Better (DIB Woodworking) about how he built a show-stopper side table with these clear acrylic legs.

    design plansHe includes very clear instructions and detailed photographs to take you on an easy-to-follow journey from 4 beautiful legs to a high-quality, functional piece of furniture, worthy of gracing just about any living room or bedroom. He details how he selected some gorgeous cherry lumber to nicely blend with the beautiful acrylic legs, and proceeds with directions on how to lay everything out to stay organized and not lose track of which side goes where.

    img_20190225_203044You will especially love seeing that the acrylic portion of these legs can easily unscrew from the wood top block, making for a very easy to build and assemble table! The cozy little side table he designed has a unique top that swings open, instead of the usual drawer or shelf motif. This is a very handy idea for quickly accessing all kinds of little creature comforts. Follow his instructions to create mortises, tenons, and a neat little groove for inserting a base for the storage compartment. He even shares how he finished the table with a gorgeous wiping finish.


    We just love the table he made with our new acrylic legs, and can’t wait to see more photos of acrylic legs from all of our happy customers who include these unique items in their table designs. Add a little magic and interest to your décor with these unique acrylic legs!

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