• Design Portfolio Video

    Find various uses for corbels, island legs, table legs, and different kind of ornamental wood products

    While watching this video you will see a collaboration of finished photos that Osborne Wood customers have sent in of their latest projects. You will see a vast array of of designs ranging from contemporary and Modern to Traditional. You will also see how many of our customers found unique ideas for their homes using our products.

    Our products have a variety of uses, in this video you will see corbels used under counter tops, on a range hood, doorways, or holding shelves. Our Island legs will be used for island extensions as well as being cut in half and placed on the lower cabinets for a decorative look. Appliques will add a touch of elegance to your home while the crown molding will surround the room to bring the design to the peak of perfection.

    All of these Osborne Products are a stock item or a custom item the customer designed while Osborne was able to produce the item to make their dream become reality.

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