• Custom Empire Period Mirrors

    Jeff's 1st mirrorTake a look at these beautiful mirrors that our friend Jeff made that resemble those created during the Empire Period. According to Jeff they are based on French, Swedish, and American classical mirror designs from the 1790’s through the 1830’s. These timeless mirrors are true to the time period that they represent and we think they look fantastic!

    Jeff used some of our Half Round Molding and Bendix Carved Onlays to create the beautiful mirrors you see here. He used a  3/4 inch D4S birch that he gets from a local planermill to create the balance of each mirror.

    Jeff has used several parts from Osborne for these mirrors such as our Urn Applique, Grape Cluster, Half Round Rope Molding, Fluted Half Dowel Molding, and Small Spool. He stained several of the pieces to accentuate their natural beauty but he also used a gold leaf technique which requires 7 steps/coatings to get the proper look. Jeffs 4th mirror (3)Jeffs 3rd mirror 2

    “If you guys didn’t offer all these great parts, I would never be able to make these mirrors,” says Jeff. “If you look at genuine antique examples, you’ll see plenty of half round moldings were used.”  Jeff has created beautiful works of art and continues to create more. These are only a few examples of the work that he is capable of and we hope to see more in the future! 

    Interested in creating one of these mirrors for your own home? Check out our Half Round Molding Systems and Carved Onlays to get started on your new project today!

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