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    When you think of Queen Anne style furniture what comes to mind? A grand Victorian home? Delicately carved furniture legs on a large, throne-like chair? What about a relaxing spa experience? The Queen Anne is not only capable of invoking feelings of grandeur, but also a calming tranquility and comfort.

    Queen Anne LegsOsborne Furniture Legs

    Matthew V. of Affirming Kitchen Clarity Inc. gives us a perfect example of how the classic Queen Anne Style leg can be used in a contemporary context. Matthew created this stunning high boy for a spa. The beautiful piece is used to house a spa towel warmer and oils. The Devonshire Leg (Part #6100) compliments the piece perfectly. The style is classic, sophisticated, and fit for a queen.

    Queen anne cabinet Spa Furniture

    Is this piece not perfect? The classic elegance really makes this piece a stand out. Thank you, Matthew, for sharing your photos and for allowing Osborne to be a part of this design.

    Be sure to check out other designs by Matthew on his Houzz page.

    If you are looking for the perfect feet for your furniture why not check out the Queen Anne Style collection from Osborne Wood Products? For a sophisticated look of elegance, this collection adds subtle design to compliment your project perfectly. Be sure to check out the full line of cabinet and furniture feet from Osborne for your next project!


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