• Crown Molding: A Fit For Any Room

    Wood carving can be traced back to ancient times, beginning with the hieroglyphics and sarcophagi of Ancient Egyptians, to specimens of early Christian reliefs from Greece & Rome, through the intricately carved churches of the Middle Ages, to the breathtaking beauty of Renaissance sculptures. Though modern day architecture may not achieve the intricate detail of these ornate pieces of history, the effect can still be achieved with strategically placed pieces of carved wood, specifically carved crown molding such as the type offered by Osborne Wood Products.



    The Carved Vine Crown Molding (part number 74661.96)

    Crown molding has historically been used for topping or “capping” walls, pilasters, and cabinets and is most often used to create interior or exterior cornice assemblies such as those over doors or windows. In modern times, crown molding has simply or extravagantly graced the interiors of homes, businesses, and places of worship as decorative trim where walls and ceilings meet. For a simple, contemporary effect, pieces such as the Contemporary or

    The Acanthus Leaf Crown Molding (part 7451)

    Traditional Cabinet Crown Molding can be used to add a finishing touch of sophistication without intricate carvings. For a lovely in-between look, Classic Cabinet Crown Molding can be used in conjunction with Dentil, Rope, or Egg & Dart Insert Molding. Those seeking elegant carving will surely find it in pieces such as Acanthus Leaf, Basketweave, Egg & Dart, & Vine Crown Molding. These hand-carved items allow for simple, sophisticated, or elegant applications in any setting.


    Become inspired. Become exceptional. No matter the function, consider Osborne Wood Products for all your carved crown molding needs.

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