• Beautiful Farm Table with Matching Bench and Chairs

    DIY Farm Style Dining TableWhen I think of Farm Tables I think of a simple, natural wood table top supported by large turned country style legs. I typically envision a dark color for the legs and skirt that bring out the natural wood of the top. The table is adorned with a lace runner, and antique china. A matching bench is seated on the long side of the table to accommodate for seating. What a perfect picture!

    Today, let’s take a look at a similar picture submitted by Roy S. of GA. Roy recently purchased 4 of Osborne’s Husky Farm Dining Table Leg (Part # 1121) in Knotty Pine. The legs were finished in a dark color to really bring out the wooden table top. Roy also chose 8 of our Farm Coffee Table Legs (Part # 1340P). These legs were similarly finished and DIY Farm Styleused for the matching benches with the table. Beautiful work Roy! Thank you for sharing.

    Are you planning on adding a country style table to your home? Take a look at our quality turned farm dining and coffee table legs. Make sure you also take a look at our Brand New Full Tables Kits! Osborne now offers unfinished, ready to assemble Farm Dining and Coffee Tables!

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