• Beautiful Corbel Shelf Using Osborne Classic Corbels

    The versatility of the corbels at Osborne Wood Products is amazing! I just love seeing all of the great designs our customers come up with using our corbels. Sometimes the corbels are placed under bars, or counter tops. Other times they are placed on exquisite mantel pieces. Still others use the corbels to support shelves. But corbels are not only used to support shelves. Corbels can act as the shelves themselves! Take a look:

    DIY Corbel Shelf

    David H of Virginia recently shared his project with us. David used two of Osborne’s Verona Classic Corbels (Part #8080) in Rubberwood (a paintgrade) to create corbel shelves. The corbels were painted white and are now a beautiful addition to David’s home. Great job David! Thank you for sharing with us.

    Corbel shelves are a great way to add a hand carved detail to your home. We offer various shapes and sizes of corbels to support a number of sizes of items such as antiques, books, potted plants, and more! Check out our amazing collection today!
    For information on installing corbels, be sure to check out our blog link “How to Install Corbels and Brackets.”

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