• Ash Trestle Table Features Osborne Pedestals

    Solid Wood Transitional Table PedestalFor decades you’ve trusted Osborne Wood Products as your wood table leg source. But did you know that Osborne also offers alternatives to the traditional turned table leg? In addition to turnings and squares of all sizes and styles, Osborne also offers a collection of top quality pedestal kits and components to easily incorporate into your next table design!

    One of our favorite pedestal styles is the Transitional Pedestal Base Kit (Part #1175). This contemporary yet timeless pedestal is the perfect option for modern table projects! But don’t just take our word for it. Our friend Ron over at Lighthouse Woodworking recently selected this pedestal style for a table he was commissioned to build. Ron chose to use components from this kit: two of the Transitional Pedestal Bases (Part #1173) and four of the Transitional Pedestal Feet (Part #1174) to create a stunning doubled pedestal table.

    Ron built his table out of solid ash. He used breadboard ends to create functional length to the table project. He told us, “Table dimensions are 42″ wide by 84″ long and 30″ high. Adding the two 18” company boards to the table Transitional Double Pedestal Table Baseends extends the seating area to 120″. Wow! Amazing work Ron. Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

    See more photos of Ron’s table at Lighthouse Woodworking’s Website.

    Is a new table project in your future? Consider a pedestal center or kit from Osborne Wood Products. Handcrafted from real wood, pedestals are the perfect option for creating the perfect table that is uniquely yours. Start Building Today!

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