• A Balustrade Table We Just Can't Get Enough Of

    Here is a gorgeous coffee table that we just cannot get enough of! Our friend Adrienne has sent over pictures of their beautiful project that used one of our most popular products, the Traditional Coffee Table Leg (Part # 1332) in Knotty Pine. This kind of table is absolutely gorgeous and makes for the perfect coffee table . No matter how many times we see it, we still love it every time!

    Balustrade 1Balustrade 2The knotty pine legs on this table were stained perfectly along with the rest of it and made it stand out in it’s space perfectly. The beautiful color that was used on this is outstanding and I personally wish I had one of these in my living room!

    The balustrade table is a timeless piece that is becoming widely popular in homes everywhere. Do you think you would like to try your hand at making one yourself? Check out our Traditional Coffee Table Legs now to get started on your new favorite piece of furniture!

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