• New and Improved Table using 20 Inch Table Slide

    Perhaps one of the more confusing items offered by Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is the selection of table slides. Wooden Table ExtentionsThough simple to install, the process of selecting a table slide can seem daunting to some. Customers Mike & Meranda S. of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, recently selected table slides to replace their table’s broken slides using Osborne’s simple step-by-step selection process.

    First, Mike & Meranda determined that they would need a standard table slide for their four-legged table as the equalizer slides are intended for pedestal tables. Next, they took the length of their tabletop without any leaves in it and divided by two.Extension Slides This gave them the minimum length table slide they would need to adequately support their table, in this case 20 inches. Lastly, they looked through Osborne’s selection of table slides and selected the one that also fit their needs for a big enough opening. The part number 9058 fit the bill perfectly at 20 inches long and providing up to a 50 inch opening. The fantastic results can be seen here! Thanks, Mike & Meranda, for the terrific pictures and enjoy your new & improved table!


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