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    A tour of OWP – Meet Leon, Christian and Haden

    When we got started back in 1979 in a garage, Leon Osborne was making furniture at the time but as we got started we found our niche in solid wood components such as table legs, cabinet legs, corbels, molding and onlays. The people here make it enjoyable to come to work each and every day. We have a great team that achieves their goals but we are also able to have fun as well. Another enjoyable part of Osborne is seeing a drawing turn into an order and watching it go through the process of starting as a blank piece of wood but turning into a beautiful piece.

    We use a 3D scanner here at Osborne to create 3D models of our products that we are unable to draw out in CAD. Any Hand Carved item, we have to use the scanner for that. You can use our CAD drawings in your CAD software. We are compatible with almost anything and if we are not we are interested in becoming compatible with those companies to get you what you need.

    Osborne Wood Products is a team of people that care. Our customer Service Reps are passionate at serving our customers and getting them what they need.  We understand the need of getting your order to you in a timely manner, so today 97% of the orders that are placed on a given day are shipped that same day. Here at Osborne Wood Products we are committed to a partnership with our customers for their success.

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