• Interview with Leon Osborne

    Meet Leon Osborne, founder and CEO of Osborne Wood Products

    Why did I start Osborne Wood Products? I think back to when I worked in a steel mill and the occupation was dirty and was not a healthy environment. That is when the seeds started to grow in my mind and I started to think about something and working with wood; a clean and environmentally friendly occupation. A steady growth is what we found as a valuable goal instead of a spike growth. Growing debt free was also a valuable goal for Osborne as well.

    In 1994 we were hit with a fire when our building was struck by lightning. We met with the team and had choices to make and we could have decided to cash in but when asked if we wanted to keep going the team said yes.

    Here at Osborne when we think about Customer Service we don’t think about a sale but instead a 30 year relationship. We partner with our customers in such a way that we become part of your business and plan for success. If you speak to any individual or Customer Service Rep you will find that they care about you and yours needs and how well we are serving those needs.

    My name is Leon Osborne and thank you for letting me share my story with you and we hope that our story will become part of your story in the future.

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