• Custom Quote Process

    Today’s world is all about individuality and personalization, and Osborne is here to help!  We have a tried-and-tested drafting and production team, ready to help you bring any creation to form.  Some custom items we do include:custom

    • Variations of standard items
    • Copies of products you see online (many people send us items they find on pinterest)
    • Copies of existing parts that need replacing
    • Products you draw/create
    • Custom furniture lines
    • And more!

    To get started, you can submit a quote request online HERE or call in at 800-849-8876 to talk to our friendly customer service representatives, who are happy to help!  We try to make the process as quick and simple as possible- all the steps are listed below for your reference.

    1. 1. Custom quote request is submitted.  If additional information is needed, you will be contacted.
    2. 2. Quote goes to drafting for pricing and lead time, which usually takes only 1-2 business days.
    3. 3. After pricing, quote is sent back to customer for approval.
    4. 4. After approval, updated shipping and payment information are confirmed on the customer’s account.  If you are a new customer, an account is set up.
    5. 5. Once information is collected, the quote is sent back to drafting for the CAD drawing.
    6. 6. CAD will be sent to customer for approval; if not satisfactory we will go back and forth until it is approved.  If order is cancelled after the CAD is drawn, a $40.00 fee is charged.
    7. 7. After the CAD is approved, a customer part number is created for production to make the items and the order is placed.  This is when the official lead time on the quote begins, and the 50% deposit taken.  The rest of the total is charged when the items ship out for you.
    8. 8. Order is shipped, and you receive your beautiful custom item!
    9. 9. You finish your project, and send us pictures so we can post them on all our social media pages for everyone to see how great it looks!


    Wishing you a super special birthday! (2)


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